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Volunteer Information

Read through the information below.  It should help answer some of your questions.  More Questions?  Go to “Contact Us” on the menu above and we will be happy to respond.  We can also put you in direct contact with one of our team leaders.

Leadership – All teams have an experienced VIM leader, a worksite coordinator, as well as an interpreter.  These trained leaders will guide the team, working for your safety and helping you to truly enjoy this wonderful time serving the people of Haiti.


Team Size – Typical VIM teams have at least five and a maximum of ten members. The organization of housing and transportation can be accomplished more successfully with a team of this size.

Partners Together – As a VIM, you work in partnership with the Haitian people. You will have a Haitian leader and we ask that you work together. Together, you will gain new insights in servanthood - even without speaking the language.

Training is mandatory, but at no cost to you.  We’ll even buy you lunch!  The Haiti Partnership provides Volunteer in Mission training for all VIM's traveling to Haiti.  To learn more about where and when these sessions will be held, and to find samples of what you will learn in training, CLICK HERE.


Passport – You will need a Passport that expires at least six months after your date of travel.

Required immunizations and medications:

  • Anti-malaria medication.

  • Tetanus

  • Hepatitis A and B

  • Polio (adult booster is encouraged)

Medical Professionals – If you are a medical professional and wish to work in Haiti in your profession (as the opportunity arises), we will need a copy of your professional license three months prior to your visit to Haiti. In addition, if your profession puts you "at risk", you should consult with your physician to determine any additional immunizations you should have updated.

Guidelines – All team members sign and follow the guidelines listed in our VIM Mission Covenant found in the application packet.  These guidelines help ensure your safety, and aid us in respecting the traditions and culture of the Haitian people.

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