Haiti Partnership
Friday, April 27, 2018

Welcome to the Haiti Partnership!

Since 1995, the Haiti Partnership of the Susquehanna and Upper New York Annual Conferences has been sending volunteer mission teams to Haiti to build schools and churches, to provide humanitarian aid, and to do God's work along side the Haitian people. So much has been accomplished and so many lives have been changed. But there's still so much left to do.
Men, women, and youth age 17 and older are invited to join the Haiti Partnership as a mission team member. This year, we are sending five teams and over 50 Volunteers in Mission, many of whom are traveling to Haiti for the first time. Each volunteer raises $1500 for their expenses, and the Helping Haiti Offering received by local churches helps pay for project costs and other ministries.
For more information about becoming a Volunteer in Mission (VIM) volunteer, click on the links at left, or email Jodi Crimmel at crimmel04@gmail.com.
Local churches are invited to participate in the Haiti Partnership by providing financial assistance, or by making school bags, hygiene kits, and birthing kits.  Check out the links for more information.
Is God calling you to serve the people of Haiti?



October 18 -27, 2018 

Team leaders: Mike Willis and Jim Gallager


Housing will be in Leon at the Catholic Compound



If you are interested in applying to be a Volunteer in Mission for one of these trips,
FIRST, go to our Volunteer Information page, and
SECOND, go to our Application Packets page to download an application.
All NEW volunteers MUST attend a mandatory training session before their scheduled trip. 
Go to our VIM Training page for more information about these training sessions.
NOTE: The total cost for a trip in 2018 is $1,500.**   A $250 deposit is due with the application.
   **Cost of travel for volunteers is subject to change based on airfare, in country travel expenses, food prices, etc.
We are very grateful to Barry and Diana Watkins for sponsoring a new FIRST TIMERS' SCHOLARSHIP for Volunteers in Mission going to Haiti.  Through their generosity, many first time volunteers will receive help with their travel expense cost.  Since 100% of all donations to the Haiti Partnership go directly to helping our brothers and sisters in Haiti, all volunteers are responsible for their own travel costs.  We cannot thank Barry and Diana enough for their involvement and this generous continuing gift.
PLEASE NOTE: All checks for VIM team members for trip expenses should be made payable to "Upper New York Conference" (and please spell out "New York").

The Haiti Partnership needs van drivers to shuttle our mission teams to and from the airport in New York CityVans and training provided.



We are now an Advance Special of both the Upper New York and Susquehanna Conferences of the United Methodist Church!  You may make a monetary donation to either conference.
Upper New York Conference
Susquehanna Conference
Check payable to: Upper New York Conference Check payable to: Susquehanna Conference
In memo line: Advance Special #3148 In memo line: Advance Special #8035
Mail to:
Upper New York Conference of the UMC
7481 Henry Clay Blvd
Liverpool, NY 13088
Mail to:
Finance Office
Susquehanna Conference, UMC
303 Mulberry Drive
P.O. Box 2053
Mechanicsburg, PA  17055-2053
REMEMBER: 100% of all monetary donations goes directly to help the people of Haiti.  The Ministry Shares paid by our local United Methodist Churches cover all administrative and overhead expenses!



Haiti has long been known for its extreme poverty, and has a sad history of exploitation by outsiders and by fellow Haitians. But there is great beauty in Haiti - both in the land and in the people. Being so close to the United States, Haiti has also been a very popular site for people of faith who want to be Volunteers in Mission (VIM). In any given year, as many as 100 United Methodist teams from across the country travel to Haiti.

Those who have traveled on any of these trips have been inspired by the Haitian people who work out of hope and faith rather than out of despair in the midst of their severe poverty.

Great things have been accomplished in recent years in our current projects. Many lives have been touched. There are more than 120 students active in a school where there was just a field of scrub brush in 2004. We have made great strides working with EMH VIM in furthering earthquake recovery and relief, and in community development. Our mission is alive and growing! We pray that God will continue to use us as vessels for extending God's love to those in great need.

You are encouraged to pray for the people of Haiti and our mission with them.
Looking for the West Tennessee Haiti Partnership?        Click here:  www.haiti-partnership.org